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Strategic Focus Alignment

Leadership + Vision + Communication + Execution

"An ounce of strategic focus today, avoids a pound of urgent action tomorrow."
Do you find yourself, as the leader of an organization, spending too much of your time putting out fires?
Would you rather be growing your organization and making it better?
Do you wonder why everyone in your organization is not rowing in your desired direction?
Do you have a Growth Mindset and do you "listen, learn, think and apply"?
If you answered yes to these questions, let's talk; Strategic Focus Alignment can help.

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When I first started with Joe - I did not know the first thing about REALLY running a business. I followed the advice of someone who did many things wrong but still wound up successful. Joe was able to orient me on a clearer path towards understanding business. During our time together, he was the mentor I really needed. Joe was supportive during times of crisis, and when I became stubborn, pushed me to better myself as a leader. Joe recognized my strengths early on and encouraged me in areas he believed I would excel while pointing out where I should consider hiring to fill my company's gaps. Without Joe, I would not be where I am today. I am incredibly grateful for having met him. Joe is a patient and caring individual. I will always cherish the time we had together as he facilitated me not only becoming a savvier business owner, but also a better person. ~ Amanda Witters, Founder/CEO - HH Group Management (2021)

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