Joe Chiarella

Strategic Focus Alignment

Leadership + Vision + Communication + Execution

"An ounce of strategic focus today, avoids a pound of urgent action tomorrow."
Do you find yourself, as the leader of an organization, spending too much of your time putting out fires?
Would you rather be growing your organization and making it better?
Do you wonder why everyone in your organization is not rowing in your desired direction?
Do you have a Growth Mindset and do you "listen, learn, think and apply"?
If you answered yes to these questions, let's talk; Strategic Focus Alignment can help.

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Most would agree that without a vision you will perish. Not just personally, but professionally. I have had the privilege to work with some great minds in my InfoSec career. No one has helped me understand, decide, and move forward with a vision like Joe. If you have an opportunity to spend time with him, take heed to his counsel as it is very sound. What is unique about Joe is the models are based in his experience in and around companies in different stages in business life cycle, as well as playing many different roles. This isn't just about theory, it is learning where you are at so you can adjust and get to where you want to go. It is no surprise that Joe would rather spend his time sculpting. For now, he is busy providing the tools and the confidence for executives to face the big rock they are staring at and make one cut at a time. Each one with the awareness of what the business will look like when you have completed the work set before you. ~ Scott Markle, Owner/CEO - West Coast Labs (2016)

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