Joe Chiarella

Strategic Focus Alignment

Leadership + Vision + Communication + Execution

      Special Notice!
Tracking the local Covid-19 cases.

As a service to my local region, I'm providing "illuminated insight" (data analytics) on the pandemic relative to our local region here.

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Hello and welcome!
Allow me to introduce myself: over 35 years as a technologist, then tech entrepreneur building companies, then a business advisor/coach, and always a strategist, futurist, and leader who gets things done. I've consulted, advised, and coached executives from startups to multinationals.

My primary activity today is using Strategic Focus Alignment (SFA) in conjunction with the Personal Domains Assessment (PDA), to help CEO's align the best version of themselves with the best version of their company.

SFA can help you see yourself, your organization, and your purpose in a new and surprising way. You will use that valuable insight to build the right products, develop better customer relationships, and generate more profits.

For more information, view my Advisory services, Bio, Companies, Experience, Speaking engagements, Articles, and Testimonials from clients and associates. You are also welcome to visit my profile on Linkedin . Or, even better, click the "Contact Me" below and let's get started!

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