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Dealer: South
Vuln: Both

HCP=17 Shape=1:3:7:2
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West East

HCP=7 Shape=5:3:2:3

HCP=6 Shape=2:4:2:5
 South (Dealer) 
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HCP=? Shape=?
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Notes on this deal:
I agree w/ the first note I read, which states Pass, pass, 1D, pass, 1S, pass, ..?? In my view, North can bid nothing but Diamonds at this point, to show his length and deny Spades. North is also too strong (In Diamonds) to bid just two, so l would bid 3 diamond (fearing South may pass 2D), in an attempt to show both length (certainly five at least) and power (here is where I don’t remember point requirements for such a bid, hoping it’s not taken as meaning length but weak). In diamonds I’d value the hand at 20 (17 + 3). I wouldn’t want to bid anything higher, taking up bidding space, not knowing more about partner’s hand, particularly if he might tolerate a diamond contract (as opposed to a singleton or void), and no trump not good unless partner can help in clubs. Soooo...after North’s 3 diamonds, I think South is faced w/ a bigger problem: can’t bid Hearts or Clubs or NT, and not knowing North has six Diamonds, let alone seven (unless the partnership recognizes North’s 3D rebid as showing at least six?), South would be hesitant to support Diamonds w/ just two, so—since his original Spade bid showed just four—I’d say he rebids Spades at 3, showing five (not six, keeping the bidding alive.. North, then, has not been shown any particular strength by South, other than Spades. If North’s jump to 3 Diamonds was to be considered forcing (which would have been my intent, as North—right or wrong), North couldn’t take South’s bid any other way, as South had to bid something. So I think all North can do is again show his Diamonds, at 4, and South, now confident that North has at least six diamonds, could be comfortable with his mere two, and take the leap to 5D. All this said without looking at the hand as a whole, which now, looking at it cursorily, appears to make 5 Diamonds. To me, anyway. Actually, it would be tough, wouldn’t it?—as there is but one entry to South to take the two winning finesses in diamonds and hearts...but if East’s opening lead is anything other than a spade, either one of those is already made (hearts or diamonds), or North wins the club King, which would otherwise lose to East’s Ace-Queen, and the second club could be dumped on second round of spades... If East leads a spade...dummy (South) wins, plays a second spade, discarding club from N,, then finesses in diamonds, ultimately losing one club and one heart. Am I right? Anonymous
Hmmm, N/S in contract? S is dealer and passes, W does likewise. N with 7 diamonds is too strong for a preempt, has nothing else to say but 1D. E passes. South shows her Spades with a 1S response and W enjoys that bid, but lays in the bushes with a Pass. N knows that S has about 6-14 HCP and 4+ spades. S knows that N does not have a 5-card major and has 13+ points, and diamonds are better than clubs (depending on minor bidding conventions). What is N's bid?Anonymous