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This site is under construction and about half complete! Lots more coming!

Think of UberBridge as a combination of any online bridge playing service - and a social platform - that is focused on members helping members learn and improve their bridge playing. Let's face it, bridge players love to discuss hands, conventions, signals, play and more. UberBridge is designed to facilitate just that!
  • Partners can use UberBridge to remotely practice their bidding with randomly generated new deals or with redeals having specified characteristics
  • Likewise, instructors can use UberBridge to teach specific aspects of the game by searching for and using deals with specified characteristics
  • Bridge clubs can use UberBridge to generate duplimate files for duplicate games or classes
  • Four players can use UberBridge to play online (coming...) NOTE: This site is for people only, no robots allowed.

Along the way, members can share thoughts, privately or publicly, on hand bidding or play. Instructors can teach. This flow of commentary appears on specific hands, and/or the main "Feed" on the home page. Imagine having the newspaper Bridge Corner at your fingertips anytime, anywhere and EVERYONE is a teacher and a student.

(Note: some features like Search, Favorite Deals and Duplimate downloads are available only to logged-in members.)

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