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Hello and welcome! You've found the webpage of Joe Chiarella and I'm glad you stopped by. Take a moment to learn a little about my professional history, and what I can do for you or your organization.


My career, now about 35 years, is divided roughly one third in enterprise IT and two thirds in a series of tech startups. That might be loosely categorized as one third user of products and two thirds, maker of them.

Over that career, I have done, or managed, most every job there is in a traditional information technology organization including: applications/systems programming, database, operations, help desk, networking, systems analysis and design, training/support and more. For a time, I also made a living in sales, sales management, and sales engineering. Then, after a number of years in "big-corp" traditional IT, I became a founder or co-founder in several software startups. I participated in the equity fundraising and strategic planning aspects of all of them. I was primarily responsible for products (ie strategy, roadmap, architecture and management), as well as data centers, DBAs, developers and more. Along this path as a 'product builder,' I became increasingly interested in business execution in general and the intersection of people, business and products; which is to say I have become as interested in relationship building and company building as I am in product building. Today, I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs build all three.

One additional passionate note if you will indulge me. Education and training - which is to say: learning - has always been a passion for me. It is why I founded my first equity-funded startup Personal Learning Technologies. Back when I was actively involved in trying to change the methods of "institutions of learning" - I developed what I call The Learning Moledule Model. While I am no longer in the pursuit of changing education commercially, I remain interested in changing mindsets about it. Toward that goal, please take a moment to think about the Learning Molecule Model and if you think you can help advance this notion, please reach out. Thanks, our kids, and our nation, deserve it.


Two of those startups for which I was either a co-founder or material contributor (both in cyber-security) generated about $60M in exit value and 4X returns for their investors. The primary product of the second of those companies, LinkScanner, is still running on more than 300 million computers worldwide. While working for one of those acquirers, I envisioned, architected and led the development on a global closed-loop big data collection, analysis and reporting engine. It is a vital resource to that company's success and virtually all the products this $1B+ market cap company currently offers depend upon it.

Current Projects:

One of my recent ventures involves some R&D in cryptography. This research led to a new cryptosystem called The UberCrypt Framework (US Patents: 8767954 & 9118481). Thanks to my business partner, the UCF runs on Windows, OSX and Linux - and will soon be available as an Amazon AWS Lambda function. Here's a link to the published research paper if you are interested in the mathematics. Or, better yet, contact me about a private briefing and how the UCF can better secure your (particularly big) data than any other algorithm available today.


Based on 12+ years of detailed US patent data (now 3+ million patents) - joined with census, business and other data, the Inventiveness Index is a comprehensive study on the inventiveness of the top 250 metro areas in the nation. Check out the infographic and visit the full site at www.InventivenessIndex.com Check out my latest research on the balance of male and female inventors in the USA.

Or Contact me to learn about the available patent and trademark feeds, patent chaining reports and more services available here: PatentIdx.com

Business Consulting, Mentoring/Coaching:

Over the last few years, I have had several opportunities to mentor, consult, and advise company executives in a variety of industries. Many were startups, but I have worked with the executive teams of mature organizations as well. While I advise them on a wide range of topics, my focus is always on how to get them to the next stage of growth. Ask me about how my Strategic Focus Alignment model can help you in your business or grab the book, once published, that I'm currently writing.

Here are some of my recent consulting projects:
  • Product Positioning for a Cyber Security product company in Silicon Valley
  • Product Security Review for a Health IT company in the Midwest
  • Product Strategy Review and Recommendations for a global Cyber Security company
  • Product Definition for a Health IT company in the Mid-Atlantic
  • Business Strategy consulting for a Health IT company in the Mid-Atlantic
  • Product, Launch and Partner Management for a global wellness company

Contact me to discuss your particular product or business challenges.

Since about 1999, I have been active in various ways and intensities in supporting the regional tech startup ecosystem. That has been in many forms including committee work for the Technology Council of Central PA, supporting the regional Ben Franklin Technology Partners incubator members and companies, serving on the Penn State Hershey Med Center's Commercialization Advisory Board, the PA House of Representatives Emerging Technologies Task Force, or doing technical due-diligence for the local angel investment community, or direct advising/mentoring of startup founders, the Founder's Roundtable, or just being an "uber connector" putting people together when I see a fit that might be beneficial to those parties. Most recently I have done everything I can to support Steve Case and Anna Mason at Revolution/Rise of the Rest with their 2017 Bus Tour #6. Finally, it has been my pleasure to support and my privilege to serve on the boards of two local non-profits: the local mini EMBA program called Execustar, as well as the incredible work that Tom Hachten does at CoderKids where he takes curious 3rd-8th graders and turns them into programmers - while they have a ton of fun.

Oh yeah! Please check out the newest accelerator/incubator in the region: Catamaran from the team at andCulture. And don't forget the Blackberry Technology Center incubator in downtown Harrisburg that is part of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. Then there is The Candy Factory in downtown Lancaster which is a LOT more than just a co-working facility - it's a tribe of creative folks building interesting businesses.

When I'm Not Working:
My non-work time is primarily focused on the people I love. Growing in my walk as a child of God and serving others go hand-in-hand with that too. In the pursuit of fun, I enjoy making art (sculptures) out of marble and traveling to new destinations for art, music, history or other culture, or sometimes just a really good gelato and tea.

My reading stack testifies to my curiosity for math, science, technology, biology/genetics, theology, psychology, cognition, sociology, economics, entrepreneurialism, the arts, and yes, the occasional novel too. I am also an avid student of the art and science of business. Oh, and I do enjoy shooting a game of straight at the billiard parlor or playing the rare 7 No-Trump at the Contract Bridge tables.

For more details (like a resume or LinkedIn Profile) click one of the two links/images below. Finally, there are some testimonials below kindly offered by various colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with through the years.

Resume (PDF)
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Please contact me if you have questions or would like some help with your organization or business.

Please visit these organizations which I support in various ways.

Organization   Role   Organization   Role
Unbound   Sponsor / Supporter   AVG Security   Acquired my last company
DataMotion   Shareholder / Consultant / Advisor   HealthCelerate   Advisor
PsyTech Solutions   Mentor / Advisor   TechCelerator / Murata / BenFranklin   Occasional Advisor
PSU / Hershey Medical Center   Commercialization Advisory Board   National Catholic Bioethics Center   Occasional Writer
ExecuStar   Graduate / Mentor / Board   Coder Kids Harrisburg   Evangelist / Board
UpNextFest   Supporter   Catamaran   Supporter

2016 Most would agree that without a vision you will perish. Not just personally, but professionally. I have had the privilege to work with some great minds in my InfoSec career. No one has helped me understand, decide, and move forward with a vision like Joe. If you have an opportunity to spend time with him, take heed to his counsel as it is very sound. What is unique about Joe is the models are based in his experience in and around companies in different stages in business life cycle, as well as playing many different roles. This is not just about theory, it is learning where you are at so you can adjust and get to where you want to go. It is no surprise that Joe would rather spend his time sculpting. For now, he is busy providing the tools and the confidence for executives to face the big rock they are staring at and make one cut at a time. Each one with the awareness of what the business will look like when you have completed the work set before you. Scott Markle, Owner/CEO: WestCoast Labs
2016 Joe Chiarella has been working with me as a business consultant for about 9 months now. Working with Joe has completely transformed my business! I have been attending executive training classes, and the classes are extremely helpful. However, those classes would have only had a fraction of the benefit without the help of Joe Chiarella. Not only is Joe brilliant, but he is articulate, compassionate, and trustworthy. He really understands business, knows how to communicate that knowledge, and helped me to translate that knowledge into almost immediate results for my business. Mike Kreamer, Founder/President: PsyTech Solutions
2015 I have known Joe for nearly 20 years and throughout that time he has always impressed me with his intellect and passion for service, often without expectation of personal gain. Joe can always be counted on to do the right thing and the honorable thing, without compromise. He can also be counted on to exercise the highest levels of skill, care and judgment. He has a vast array of good attributes and qualities, the sum total of which are rarely found in one single person. Michael Hund, Esq., Partner: McNees, Wallace and Nurick
2014 I have known Joe Chiarella for many years and have found him to be honest, smart, and thoughtful. His determination and commitment get results in everything he does. And integrity guides him to give genuine value to his customers, the best atmosphere for colleagues and employees to succeed, and caring to his friends. Joe is a hardworking, top-performing IT professional and very good person. Paul Gates, Biz Dev Consultant
2010 Joe is one of those few people with strategic thinking and at the same time sense and passion for detail. He can come up with completely new and innovative ideas, create business cases and make sure that all fits into one place and is delivered; really a character of many skills. Great guy to work with! Karel Obluk, Partner: Evolution Equity Partners (formerly CTO, AVG)
2010 Joe helped me start Exploit Prevention Labs, which we eventually sold to AVG. His official role was product manager, where he displayed a great eye for design, but he also built our initial (and excellent) stats database and website. As we grew, Joe also showed that he was a great judge of talent, by hiring some excellent database and web guys to build on his initial work. Joe only knows one pace to work, which is full on. Roger Thompson, Research Fellow: Forcepoint (formerly Chief of Research, AVG)
2010 I have worked closely with Joe for nearly 4 years. In this time I have come to know him as one of the hardest working, honest, business savvy individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. For our organization Joe was instrumental in forming the strategic goals which ultimately led to the company's success. Joe also has the unique ability to always maintain a clear focus on that 'big picture' even while mired in daily tactical issues. I know that Joe would have a significant positive impact on any organization that was fortunate enough to have him. Greg Mosher, VP of Product & Engineering: Avast (formerly SVP Engineering, AVG)
2009 Joe Chiarella has the amazing quality of being able to focus on many things, but in order. He is honest, hardworking, genuine, interesting and kind. Really smart too. I've had the pleasure of being not only his business associate, but also his friend, for many years. He can answer your questions. Michele Krebs, Recruiter
2005 Joe Chiarella is all about integrity. When he investigates the inner workings of a company, his assessment is honest, clear and encompasses the best interest of the business. Joe's dogged determination and commitment makes him a trusted and valued partner in working for the success of a business. I have experienced Joe's ability to understand and clearly communicate what is needed for a business to move from a startup to becoming a player in the market. He understands the business cycle process and what it takes to develop a competitive business. Marsha Davis, Executive Director: Murata Business Center
2005 We basically entrusted the future of our company to Joe's thoughtful consideration. We let Joe look into our proprietary code because he has a unique level of trustworthiness; He is one of the few people from whom we are more interested in a promise than a legal agreement. We chose Joe because he has a nuanced understanding of the stages of technology development, and the powerful impact of an analyst's recommendation. We knew he would tell the truth, but we knew he wouldn't use a broadsword where a scalpel was required. Treff LaPlante, President: Express Dynamics
2004 Joe Chiarella joined the PestPatrol team at a critical point in our evolution. Joe worked with our development team to architect and design the core engine that performs all the critical functions of our product. His architecture provided the basis for the creation of our SDK, which became a key factor in the overall success of the company. It enabled third party developers to integrate PestPatrol in a variety of applications. Joe's unique ability to envision our product as well as pay attention to the details, added significant value to the company. Bob Bales, CEO: DataMotion (formerly Co-Founder/CEO of PestPatrol, acquired by CA)

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